As an established companion, I take great pride in keeping a reputation of excellence- my lovers know me as enthusiastic and versatile, sensual and a little wild. But why take my word for it?

Talia has a very pretty face and a sexy body with a confident yet friendly demeanor. She greeted me with a kiss that set up very high expectations for the rest of the encounter.

After a quick shower I joined Talia in the bedroom. Our session was a very sensual GFE with lots of kissing, cuddling and rolling around on the bed. We indulged in all the usual GFE acronyms. Talia was great company and the whole experience felt so natural that I didn’t think I had just met her. The highlight for me has to be kissing her while holding her beautiful face.

I’m so glad I booked with Talia and I hope she visits Toronto more often. For all the Toronto gentlemen who missed out on seeing her, I suggest following her on Twitter so that you don’t miss meeting her next time.

– nik7322 2017

We had many great wonderful moments, right from the start till the end and I was glad to capture her mind and body. She was a wonderful play mate, extremely energetic, skillful, accommodating in giving and responsive in receiving pleasures. I was mesmerized by her dexterity, virtuosity and truly enjoyed everything she had done in making me feel excruciatingly good but time passed unbelievably fast. How I wished to book her longer to iterate all her “potpourris” and to try out what I have not.

– casey 2017

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Whether a first time visitor to the demimonde or a seasoned veteran, a one time guest or established suitor, our encounter will be unforgettable if you allow me to make it so. I welcome your kind words and loving thoughts- whether you wish for them to be kept between us, published on this page, or shared with this secret little world, I only ask that you let me know through email first, and keep the details tasteful.