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Devil’s Threeway

“So? There’s two of us and one of you, and whenever we feel like it, we can be three. That’s love too, you know.”
― S. Dora, Three

There is no experience so highly coveted as having me in your arms- except perhaps sharing me with another lover. If luxe debauchery is your idea of bliss, and one angel on your arm is simply not enough, why don’t we find ourselves a third? I have a couple of friends I like to invite to my bed on occasion- and if its in the cards, they may be happy to entertain you too. 


Jessy Celeste

We have known each other nearly as long as I have been active, and have an eclectic chemistry which escalates quickly into playfully filthy teasing and passionate revelry when we are together (with your company or without- I enjoy her just as much in private). Having us both together? A celestial experience.




When I visit the city, I’d like to have Jane Way my way. A darling if there ever was one, Jane and I will only be getting more acquainted over the coming time period- and why just limit yourself to one of us?


Jane Way