I have assembled, for your reading, a few common clarifying questions.

1. I have read through the entire site, and am ready to make a booking! What should I include in our correspondence? 

I would highly appreciate being given a name and a short bio, detailing who I am to meet, to give me an indication of your personal voice and experiences. A phone number is also crucial (please rest assured I will never use this number without being given the go ahead) as well as the inclusion of screening information- either a reference or personal webpage/linkedin profile. Finally, an indication of your availability for a date (or, if its open, a mention of this fact) so I know when to clear my schedule for.

2. What is your general availability like? Do you take same day appointments? 

Through out the fall, my availability is open in the evenings and weekends, and can be flexible in the day time with blocks of time booked out for classes. When making short notice requests, bear in mind I’m likely otherwise engaged, so 3- 4 hours heads up is necessary if accommodating the request is possible. Pre-booking our date remains highly recommended, and will be necessary come September.

3. Do you offer ______? 

While I pride myself on being quite open minded and adventurous, I do not offer _______ to any gentlemen emailing me to ask before going through my screening process and setting a date. I prefer encounters to flow naturally as opposed to working my way through a checklist of acts. Reading some of my testimonials is recommended for an idea of how our encounter may unfold, but if your request is less common than the typical, you may ask politely towards the end of a booking  inquiry.

Bearing that in mind, I offer separate pricing for girlfriend experience and kinkier offerings- if your request is not conceptualized as vanilla in nature, my rate will vary accordingly.

4. When will you be in my city? 

I travel to Toronto on occasion, and can travel to Montreal for bookings 3 hours or longer. Keep your eye out for touring dates to Canada’s west coast- and remember, if you wish to see me in your city anywhere else, flying me in is always an option!

5.  I really enjoyed our time together- may I write a review? 

I welcome reviews and recommendations, provided I get a heads up and a chance to read the piece before its published. If you are unsure of how much detail to include, my preference tends to lean towards less graphic- I cherish our privacy, and urge you to do the same.

6. Where are you located?

My incall space is in a very private, discreet building in Ottawa’s own Golden Triangle area, near the Rideau canal. More detailed directions will be given to you the night before our encounter. Starting in October, regular clients will also be given the option of visiting me in the West end in a more personal location.

7. Are there any restrictions on who you won’t see? 

Well-mannered gentlemen over 30 of all races and creeds are more than welcome in my boudoir.

8. I’ve noticed that longer bookings require a deposit- how can we go about arranging that? 

I currently accept deposits through BTC and through registered mail.