Your favourite little monster.

Your best bad habit.

Warm, open hearted, and classically beautiful, I am by turn delightfully bratty kitten and grounded young woman wise well beyond her years. But like you, I have a little secret.

Luxury companionship in Ottawa

I am known to myself as a creature of excess- of lust, of greed, of insatiable desire to experience more. Settling into the routine of a university student, of caffeine addiction and late nights, good grades and deadlines and presentations, left me voracious- to venture in the unknown, see a different side of the world, to play and explore the shadows not as a guest but as a woman long coveting their caress. My ascent into this line of work was, perhaps, inevitable. Ever the free spirit and quick thinker, familiar with desire as both an object and subject, to join the libertine world of the professional coquettes, upscale entertainers and curators of filthy, fantastic secrets was an easy step in concept (if not in execution). Becoming a call-girl, as natural as breathing. Talia Vice was born from the ever-present thirst which has defined my being from my early days- the love of adventure, exploration, poetry, connection, and smutty, luxurious filth.

My short life and the pursuit of pleasure has taken me to distant parts of this small world and developed in me a peculiar set of skills. Though not educated in the liberal arts, my interests lean to literature and film- dissecting a novel or a favourite movie while wrapped in a lover’s arms strokes my soul like very little else can. But aside from the tender musings of an introvert heart, I have my wild streaks. I would just as soon partake in a competitive endeavor- perhaps a round of chess (winner take all)- or take advantage of the pair-bonding effects of adrenaline. I have a great love of heights. Or maybe something a little more traditional? I might be your dining partner at one of Ottawa’s many renowned restaurants, before I hand you my panties and beg you to let our communication get physical. Whether you’ve lived in the city all your life or are only visiting for a weekend, let me give you a new perspective.

Your worst behavior.

Some say my body was built for pleasure. A slim girl of 5’5, at first glance you will certainly notice something exotic about my face, something wild in my carriage. My face has been called classic- full lips that smirk, high cheekbones, thick dark eyelashes framing big hazel doe-eyes, and sculpted brows. Lush chocolate hair cascades down my back, framing a small waist contrasted with ample chest and peachy bum. The rest of my body is toned and firm- sculpted by plenty of enthusiastic cardio and extracurricular outdoor adventures. But despite my many tomboy pursuits, I have a feminine side. I remain impeccably manicured- groomed on a meticulous schedule from my brows down to my toes, and love nothing quite like a day at the spa letting hot water soak my cares away.

Upscale, private entertainment

The air of mischief with which I approach life is no longer a bug, but a feature. A wild little spark in my eye over dinner, a hint of a smirk as I whisper dirty thoughts into your ear on the cab ride home, a young tigress loose in your bed sheets tamed only by the strictest, firmest touch coming from the kindest, fairest soul- these are the bounties that could be ours. My desire for new heights brought me to explore different places inside my sexuality- I am sweet and ravenous, demanding and supplicating, sometimes all at once and sometimes by different degrees. Whether you want to dominate or submit, or perhaps take the wildest ride together, we can craft a fantasy belonging to both of us.

Ottawa Talia Vice elite GFE companion luxury escort high end courtesan

To seduce and enchant, entertain and understand seem natural impulses because I know myself as a being who is seduced and enchanted, entertained and understood. Through my admittedly short lived career as an independent escort here in the Ottawa area, I’ve been delighted to connect with a similar sort- the men and women who demand more from their lives and escapades, but have found the world unwilling to deliver. I’ve found an outlet to tame my boundless passion, and discovered a way to balance the life of a non-assuming student and young professional with the jet setting world of upscale pro paramours which I thrive in. Being part of this world has tied together the many threads which comprise my fabric, and like you, I plan to stay a while.

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Ottawa luxury independent companion Talia Vice May 2017