Natalia Vice
Enchanting. Irresistible. Your sweetest sin.
Stories of a Russian Call Girl
I call my blog "Stories of a Russian Call Girl" out of a love for cheek. Russian women are known world wide for their beauty and mercenary approach to relationships with men, to the point where the Russian call girl is somewhat of a societal stereotype. This blog's name pokes fun at the trope of the stone-cold fox; though you may find me a fox in my own right, the truth is, this (half) Russian escort is anything but heartless. I invite you to explore my secret world; my trials and triumphs, tests and tender musings; as I write the legend of Natalia Vice.

Those of you that know me personally know that writing is a great passion of mine outside of my work as a companion. I've long believed that stories are a powerful vehicle to allow us to connect with one another. Our own stories carry the details of our secret selves, the keys to our psychology, while the stories of others carry the threads by which we can relate. This blog details a list of things: thoughts on life as a courtesan and the dynamics that drive our world; sexuality; personal posts to help you acquaint yourself with Natalia Vice, and the occasional piece of erotica, to give you a taste of my tastes.

The common thread tying these things together: each post carries a part of my story. Whether that thread is a snippet of my past, or a look into my present, a powerful formative experience or a hope for my future, or little things I've learned about sexuality (my own, or in the general sense), with each post I hope that you, dear reader, will come to get to know me a little bit more.