Natalia Vice
Enchanting. Irresistible. Your sweetest sin.
Independent Companion

Ottawa, Toronto, and Beyond

Independent escort; professional paramour.

​​You may have heard a whisper of me in the wind. 
Call me Talia. 

A bit of an unusual element, I am love for hire to the bold and the boundless. 
Find me when you're prepared to find a deeper intimacy with yourself, through an exploration of your own deep, hidden parts.

What are you looking for?

Adventure. Connection. Growth. 

I've always believed, whole-heartedly and single-mindedly, in fantasy as a catalyst to better living, and the potential boons that can be brought by a voluntary suspension of disbelief.
In my own life, the ability to indulge my imagination has brought me to a space I've been craving- the role I occupy as a companion in this vibrant demimonde rounds out my world, allowing me to create warmth, joy, connection, and unforgettable moments with those I encounter, no matter how briefly. 

I'm a sultry creature brought up by wild daydreams and clashing cultures. With several languages to lay claim to with my soft tongue, and a comprehensive and rigorous higher education, I can whisper things in your ear that would make your head spin. Still, this kitten has a soft side- a quiet eagerness to share the beautiful moments in life with dear friends; to develop a fondness for lovers; to build something lasting. Connections and good stories are the things that drive me most intensely, and to that end I make a point of choosing those encounters that will leave me with something to contemplate. 
 I seek the man on a journey- the man looking to learn about himself through his reflection in fantasy, and forge moments with another human being along the way. I seek the man seeking warmth, passion, and vitality- the man seeking Something Else. If these words strike something in you, Man- you've come to the right place. 

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I know you've heard.... 
            This girl is trouble. 

Ottawa escort;
Notorious co-conspirator

I've been told a time or two that there's something to the idea of an entourage. To be human is to enjoy the company of another; their perspective, their presence, their reactions during and their reminiscing after. I'm an adventurous, attentive and affectionate plus one, if you're in the market. 
1100 and four hours
2000 and twelve hours
3000 and twenty four hours

+200 for each additional hour
+1000 for each additional day
please inquire about travel arrangements. 

Little Freak

Roleplay & Fetish, Refined

For the man with different taste. Fine bedroom acrobatics, fetish with flair, reparté to stop a heart between beats. This is not for the faint of heart- but I eagerly invite the curious. 

500 and an hour

600 and ninety minutes

750 and two hours

950 and three hours

She's got a mouth on her-
        But babygirl can walk the walk. 

A package for the man who chooses a good romancing- snuggles, sweet kisses, saucy humor and tangled bedsheets. Soft breath on softer skin. 

400 and an hour

450 and ninety minutes

600 and two hours

800 and three hours


Sweetest Lover

Simple, delicious, and undeniable. 

  Come get me. 
A reference from another independent companion
A screenshot of your logged in LinkedIn profile, complete with profile photo
A photo of you, holding your photo ID
Please include
A proposed date and time (or, indicate you are flexible) 
A proposed time frame, and the sort of tryst you're looking for. 
Your name and phone number.  
Some information about yourself! I want to know you. 

Without the above information, I can not guarantee a reply. I prioritize those who demonstrate their respect for my time. 

Complete inquiries can expect a response within 24 hours.
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